Franck Deodato has been involved with project and construction management since 1992. His career started as a Quantity Surveyor and progressed to a Construction Manager for 7 years in Paris where he managed renovation projects for mid-sized and newly constructed buildings.

In 2000, he worked in Eastern Europe as Project Manager for DEFI from Clear Channel, a leading advertising company producing huge advertising boards for high-rise buildings all over the world. He was later transferred to Beijing to oversee the manufacturing factory for steel, aluminum, fiber glass, and all production for DEFI subsidiaries. He returned back to Paris in 2005 to gain exposure in sales and business development for 2 years.

Subsequently, he has been in South East Asia since 2007 as Project and Construction manager for Archetype Asia and Miramar.

Over the years, Franck has gained a wealth of experience in design, architecture, procurement, material selection, cost management and budget, schedule and supervision of projects.

His success has led to the establishment of his private enterprise, 9PM.

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