Pre-construction phase

  • Assist the Client in tender analysis and Contractors' selection
  • Review and validate contract variation, if any, and consultants claims
  • Assist the Client in resolving contractual disputes
  • Organize pre-construction meetings
  • Assist Owner in selection & administration of the construction form of contract
  • Assist the Client on the insurance matters for the Project, including advices on type of insurances, conditions, excesses, and amount of insurance cover.

Design coordination

  • Managing regular project meetings with the client, the designers and other consultants.
  • Management the local and overseas designer and the design process.
  • Coordinate and manage any project reviews by specialist consultants that are appointed to review the existing design parameters.
  • Preparing and issuing minutes of the project meeting.
  • Recommending other specialist designers that should/need to be appointed including preparing scope of services.
  • Review the design before recommending to the Client for approvals for each design stages. The design review by the Consultant differs from the mandatory independent design checking per Decree 209 which shall be carried out by an alternate independent consultant
  • Analyzing and reporting on the designer’s proposals
  • Preparing and issuing in conjunction with the QS the pre-qualification documents for the construction works


  • Coordinate with QS to obtain the construction cost estimate based on the design and work requirements.
  • Ensure Consultants and QS are coordinating to meet Project Budget
  • Develop Cost Planning and Cost Management procedures with QS


  • Prepare and submit to the Client weekly/monthly reports which will highlight:
    • Design progress,
    • Updated project master schedule,
    • Cost and issues affecting/delaying project progress,
    • Other project relevant matters and including the recommendations to resolve the matter if necessary.

Schedule management

  • Prepare overview plan and master schedule for the Project.
  • Review, advise, and monitor a milestone program of the project prepared by Contractors.
  • Review and monitor programs and reports on potential design problems, potential delays and forecast milestones.

Construction tender

  • Coordinate with QS to identify and recommend potential contractor to the Client for approval.
  • Coordinate with QS to prepare and issue Request for Proposal to contractors
  • Coordinate with QS to manage tender submissions and tender processes.
  • Preliminarily review tender submissions and conduct tender interview.
  • Coordinate with QS to evaluate tender submissions and recommend most suitable contractor to the Client for approval.
  • Coordinate with QS to prepare contractor contract documents for Client approval and sign with the successful consultants.

Construction phase

  • Monitoring and coordinating design and construction processes
  • Monitor and implement construction form of contract
  • Manage quality control
  • Monitor and coordinate
    • Engineering services commissioning
    • Services system taking over
    • Main contractor taking over
  • Control and monitoring of Owner Construction Budget & Capital expenditure (CAPEX)
  • Monitor approved costs and schedules and report on deviations
  • Monitor and coordinate the general construction program
  • Reporting the cost and time implication because of change proposed for approval before implementation at site
  • Assist the Owner with Contractor interim payment applications and Contractor Claims
  • Assist the Owner in resolving eventual contractual disputes
  • Follow-up project cash flow forecast
  • Monitor procurement works for the project and in particular:
    • Coordinate all necessary material samples submittal from the Contractors and make them approve by the Owner-appointed Consultants
    • Follow-up the lists of main equipment/material orders both for direct supply by the Owner and for supply by the contractors

Engineering services commissioning

  • Set-up commissioning procedures
  • Monitor and coordinate engineering services commissioning

Completion and handing-over

  • Coordinate the as - built drawings prepared by the Main Foreign General Contractor
  • Coordinate collection of all documentation by the Main Foreign General Contractor
  • Organize & prepare "Handover Certificate"

Defects liability period

  • Monitor and control delivery of Operation and Maintenance Manuals and Owner training List
  • Coordinate with the Owner and Contractors and prepare the final defects list & organize their rectification
  • Conclude final account with Consultants/Contractors
  • Produce Project Final report

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